About Us

Learn more about the origins of Strange Rootz Cannabis.

Our Background

At Strange Rootz Cannabis, our story is simple: we love marijuana. Justin, one of our owners, grew up in Michigan and spent time visiting his family cabin. Justin, along with other owners, run three smoke shops called Strange Cloudz in Florida along with a Delta-8 Edibles brand called Str8Ediblez. With our smoke shop experience, and experience in the marijuana industry, we’ve got the latest and greatest smoking products in town.

Locally Owned

At Strange Rootz Cannabis, our roots are firmly planted in the local soil. Being locally owned isn’t just a badge; it’s a commitment to bringing you the best, from high-end to budget-friendly options. As true smokers with a deep appreciation for quality, we’re dedicated to being your trusted source. We’re here to serve our local community by answering your questions and guiding you toward products that enhance the well-being of our community. 

The Strange Rootz Difference

At Strange Rootz Cannabis, we pay close attention to what our community needs. That’s why we focus on offering a wide range of solventless concentrates, which have become really popular lately. Our aim is simple: to be known for having the best selection, from top-tier to budget-friendly options. We take extra steps, like visiting our vendors’ facilities and making sure our staff knows their products, all to provide you with the best service possible.